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Lost Child Policy

Updated: - December 2014

The care of your child is paramount and I will always try to ensure that they remain with me and are safe.


However sometimes children can become 'lost' in busy places and therefore as a responsible childminder I

have written a procedure that will be followed in the unlikely event of this happening.


I will immediately raise the alarm to all around me that I have lost a child and enlist the help of everyone to look for them.


Lost child policy


If it is a secure area such as a shopping centre, I will quickly alert the security staff so they can seal off exits and monitor the situation

on any CCTV.

I will provide everyone involved in the search with a description of the child.

I will reassure the other children with me, as they may be distressed.


I will then alert the police and provide a full description.


I will then alert the parents of the situation.


I take precautions to avoid situations like this happening by implementing the following measures:


Ensuring the children hold my hand or the pushchair whilst we are out.

Avoid going to places that are overcrowded.

I teach the children about the dangers of wandering off and of talking to strangers.


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